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Application 3: how to mask the boot using Chicane


MIARCO’s patented Chicane masking tape was designed to revolutionise the traditional vehicle masking process, which is more difficult on certain parts of the vehicle such as the bonnet, doors, and the boot, especially if they have rubber seals.

Chicane can be used to mask areas such as the boot of the vehicle, in which the application process is slightly different, but still brings excellent results.

Things to remember before applying Chicane

As with all the other parts of the car, make sure you clean and dry the area to be masked before you start work, so that any dust or dirt is removed.

Once you have cleaned the area, measure and tear off the amount of tape you need to mask the boot. Remember that there are pre-cut lines marked every 20 centimetres to make it easier to tear off the tape. If you need shorter pieces, cut the tape with a Stanley knife.

You can tear off the narrow part of the tape as we will be using the centrally reinforced section and the wide part of the tape to mask the boot.

How to start masking the boot

Once you have removed the narrow part, peel the protective strip off the wide part of the tape and insert the reinforced section between the boot lid and the back window, and stick the tape down as you go along. Repeat this process until the entire area has been masked.

Masking the back light

To mask the back light, tear off the amount of tape you need and remove the narrow part, as you did before. Then, peel off the protective strip, insert the reinforced section between the back light and the boot lid, stick the tape down and repeat the process until the entire back light has been masked.

Once you have finished masking the light, you can mask the rest of the boot by tearing off the amount of Chicane tape you need and applying the tape in the standard way. First, peel the protective strip off the narrow part of the tape, and stick it inside, making sure that the reinforced section sits on the edge. This will enable you to seal the inside and will ensure that the paint that gets inside does not stick, preventing any type of cut-off lines, and improving the end result. Then, close the boot lid, peel the protective strip off the wide part of the tape, and stick it down on the outside.

By following the steps explained above, you can successfully mask the boot of the vehicle. Chicane has three important advantages:

  • It saves time, reducing masking time by up to half.
  • It saves materials, as we have masked the entire vehicle and have replaced plastic sheeting, masking tape and foam tape with just one product.
  • Excellent finish, preventing paint from getting inside the vehicle and blending cut-off lines to make them invisible.

With MIARCO’s Chicane tape, masking is quicker, more precise and more efficient. Join the revolution!

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