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Application 1: How to apply Chicane masking tape on rubber door seals


Chicane is revolutionising the traditional way of masking vehicles during the bodywork repair and respraying process. Masking certain parts of the vehicle, such as the bonnet, the doors, and the boot is fiddly and time-consuming, especially if they have rubber seals.

Masking certain areas, such as rubber door seals, is quicker, more precise and more efficient with Chicane tape. This article provides a step-by-step guide to masking rubber door seals with Chicane.

Before masking…

Use a cloth to make sure the surface is clean and dry before you start.

Your step-by-step guide to masking vehicles using Chicane tape

Once the surface is clean, measure the area to be masked and tear off the amount of Chicane tape you need. Chicane tape is easy to tear off because it has pre-cut lines every 20 centimetres. If you need shorter pieces, cut the tape with a Stanley knife.

When you have torn off the piece of tape you need, peel the protective strip off the narrow part, which has the MIARCO and Chicane logos printed on it, and stick the tape onto the inside of the door. When you apply Chicane, remember that the centrally reinforced PVC section should sit on the edge of the door frame, so that the tape puts pressure on the rubber seals. When the narrow part of the tape is in position, close the car door. Now peel the protective strip off the wide part of the tape, pull the tape and stick it down on the outside.

With Chicane, you only need these three steps to mask the area and you are ready to respray. This brings three important advantages:

  • It saves time, reducing masking time by up to half.
  • It saves materials, separating the rubbers from the bodywork and sealing the joints at the same time.
  • Excellent finish, preventing paint from getting inside the vehicle and blending cut-off lines to make them invisible.

In addition, Chicane adhesive masking tape is easy to apply and to remove; it withstands temperatures up to 80ºC, which means it is perfect for booth spraying, without leaving excess waste.

With MIARCO’s Chicane tape, masking is quicker, more precise and more efficient. Join the revolution!

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