Ahorro de tiempo

It saves time reducing masking time by up to half

Ahorro en materiales
Saves materials

It saves materials separating the rubbers and seal joints with just one single product

Excelente acabado
Excellent finish

It provides an excellent finish preventing paint from getting inside the vehicle and blends cut-off lines to make them invisible


Chicane, MIARCO’s revolutionary masking tape, has a series of characteristics which make it totally different from all other masking tapes on the market. Chicane has adhesive on opposite sides of the tape, meaning rubbers can be separated and joints sealed at the same time. In addition, the tape is pre-cut so it is easier to tailor the tape measurements to the area that needs to be masked. It also has a reinforced PVC strip running through the centre of the tape so more pressure can be applied to the rubbers without losing flexibility and ensuring cleaner paint cut-off lines. What is more, Chicane adhesive masking tape is also easy to fit and to remove, and can withstand temperatures up to 80ºC, which means it is perfect for booth spraying, without leaving excess waste.

All these characteristics bring a series of advantages, including reducing masking times by up to half, and removing the need for foam tape and standard masking tape, given that the rubbers are separated and the joints are sealed at the same time. Finally, with Chicane masking tape, the paint does not get inside the vehicle and paint cut-off lines blend in seamlessly making them invisible