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Application 2: how to mask the bonnet with Chicane


Chicane was designed by MIARCO to revolutionise the traditional vehicle masking process, and make it faster and more efficient, particularly on the parts of the vehicle which are difficult to mask, such as the bonnet, doors, and the boot, especially if they have rubber seals.

One of the applications in which Chicane achieves excellent results is when masking the bonnet. The process is explained below.

How to get the vehicle ready for masking with Chicane

Before applying the tape, measure the length of the part to be masked and tear off the amount of tape you need, using the pre-cut lines that are marked every 20 centimetres.  If you need to mask smaller areas, cut the tape with a Stanley knife.

Step-by-step guide to masking the bonnet with Chicane tape

When you have torn off the amount of tape you need, peel the protective strip off the narrow part of the tape, and stick it onto the underside of the bonnet, making sure that the reinforced section sits on the edge. This will enable you to seal the inside and will ensure that the paint that gets inside does not stick, preventing any type of cut-off lines, giving excellent results.

Place the narrow part of the tape right around the bonnet, and remember that you can make relief cuts in the tape using the pre-cut lines to reduce stress and make application easier on the curves.

Once you have finished sticking the tape on the underside of the bonnet, apply the plastic sheeting, tear the protective strip off the wide part of the tape and stick it down on the outside.

Chicane masking tape has three advantages that make it revolutionary:

  • It saves time, reducing masking time by up to half.
  • It saves materials, because sealing the vehicle means you do not need plastic to protect the inside.
  • Excellent finish, as it prevents paint from getting inside the vehicle and blends cut-off lines to make them invisible.

With MIARCO’s Chicane tape, masking is quicker, more precise and more efficient. Join the revolution!

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