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Application 4: How to apply Chicane to trim and mask rubber seals


Masking is a very important part of the car bodywork repair process. This process is more difficult on certain parts of the vehicle such as the bonnet, doors, and the boot, especially if they have rubber seals.

To eliminate this problem, MIARCO designed the patented Chicane tape especially for these fiddlier areas, revolutionising the traditional way of masking vehicles.

Chicane can also be used to trim rubber seals as well as mask them. If you want to know how to apply Chicane to trim rubber seals, follow the steps below carefully.

Steps to be followed prior to applying Chicane tape

Make sure the surface you need to work on is clean and dry, before you apply Chicane tape. It is also important to measure the length of the area to be masked, and tear off the amount of tape you need using the pre-cut lines which are marked every 20 centimetres. If you need shorter pieces for smaller areas, cut the tape with a Stanley knife.

In addition, to apply Chicane to trim and mask rubber seals, we will only need the wide part and the centrally reinforced section of the tape. Therefore, before you will need to tear off the narrow part of the tape before getting started. As shown in the photo below.

How to apply Chicane to trim and mask rubber seals

When the tape is ready, insert the wide part and the centrally reinforced section between the rubber seal and the frame. Make sure the PVC section sits on the edge of the frame so that the tape puts pressure on the rubber seals, and does the job properly.

When the tape has been successfully inserted between the rubber seals and the frame, slide it along the frame. Repeat the process until all the rubber seals have been masked.

When the tape is in position, peel the protective strip off the wide part of the tape, pull the tape and stick it down on the outside.

The area to be masked is now finished, and the process has been completed. Chicane has three major advantages compared to traditional masking methods:

  • It saves time, reducing masking time by up to half.
  • Excellent finish, blending cut-off lines to make them invisible, and masking the rubber seals perfectly.

With MIARCO’s Chicane tape, masking is quicker, more precise and more efficient. Join the revolution!

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