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MIARCO’s new Chicane tape launched at Motortec Madrid 2017


Miarco launched Chicane tape in the last edition of MOTORTEC Madrid in March 2017, and since then it has been an innovation in the vehicle repair sector, betting on quality and continuous improvement in a mature market .

During the five-day event, live demonstrations were given to show the industry’s professionals how easy it is to apply Chicane in just three steps, and the advantages it offers compared to the traditional masking process, leading to savings in terms of time and materials, as well as providing an excellent finish.

This revolutionary masking tape offers multiple advantages: it allows you to mask a car in half the time, save on materials by replacing the use of weather strips and other products, and it provides an excellent finish preventing paint from getting inside the vehicle and blends cut-off lines to make them invisible.

Since its presentation at Motortec Madrid in March 2017, Chicane has achieved numerous successes, such as the Automotive Innovation Award at the latest edition of the Equip Auto fair in Paris, and the award from the Décision Atelier website that has named it the product of the year of bodywork.



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